Nourishing soap for dry skin

Avocado is considered as one of the useful discoveries and a remarkable mark in the world of cosmetics, as it preserve the purity of the face in addition to its great reflections psychologically and aesthetically on faces.

Avocado is considered one of the most important nutritions to the skin. It is used as a moister to the skin of the face, and in removing dead cells below the skins, clean them to renew the vividity of the skin. In addition to that avocado prevents poisonous substances such as dust, soil and polluted steam from entering the skin. it preserves the purity of the skin for a long time after using it and each time the face becomes more fresh and lively.

It is also known that after using avocado for a while, it makes the face brighter and grants it a permanent freshness, and restores its youth which is known as the youth freshness.

Finally, it was proved that avocado renovate the cells making them functions in the best way, so that the cells’ age is less than the real age of the person.