About Us

The Nablus Soap Company

The most important soap maker in Nablus is the Nablus Soap Company. It was founded in 1971 by Mojtaba Adnan Tbeleh , a descendant from a 400-year tradition of soap makers. All the soaps of the Nablus Soap Company are 100% natural and made by hand.

The family has been well-known for hundreds of years in the sector. That reputation goes so far that the man who cuts the soap into blocks is called ‘Tubeili’, a clear reference to the family.

100% Natural & Organic

Characteristics Nablus Soap

  • Organic Soap
  • 100% natural
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Does not harm the environment
  • Animal-friendly
  • Has a Healing and nourishing effect
  • Respects the natural balance of the skin
  • Supports the self-healing ability of the skin
  • Does not contain artificial coloring
  • Does not contain artificial flavoring
  • Does not contain synthetic ingredients
  • Does not contain preservatives
  • Does not contain foaming agents

Healing and nourishing effect
The ingredients are processed by a method that aims to preserve a healing and nourishing effect. It is proven that people with varying skin problems experience an improvement of the skin after using the soap for a while.

Nablus Soap consists of 100% natural ingredients

  • Olive oil first pressed
  • Natural ingredients
  • Dead Sea minerals
  • Herbs with healing and nourishing effects
  • Essential oils
  • Natural Oils


Our History

The truly vintage making of soap from the Holy Land’s olive oil was the majestic tradition in Nablus city. During the British Mandate, the British Government analysed the soap in the London Institution in 1934, and found that all the ingredients were totally Natural and Chemical-free.

Today there are still a few soap makers active in Nablus, with the most prominent of them being the Nablus Soap Company, which was founded in 1971 by Mojtaba Tbeleh , a descendant from a 400-year tradition of soap makers. The family has been well-known for hundreds of years in this sector.

Their soap has built its own distinct reputation over the centuries. In the 19th century, a peak was experienced when the product was distributed by travelling salesmen far beyond the borders of the Middle East. Bedouins were responsible for the soap reaching the islands of the Mediterranean Sea, from whence it made its way to the Queen of England. From there it did not take long before European women learnt about the nourishing and healing benefits of the soap from Nablus.

Environmentally-Friendly Soap

Nablus natural soap is suitable for daily use, because it consists entirely of natural, botanical ingredients, including virgin olive oil. Nablus Soap contains no preservatives and is not tested on animals. Because only natural ingredients are used, without synthetic components, the soap is biodegradable. The soap does not harm the environment.


Vision And Mission

We here in Nablus Soap have one distinctive Vision : “A World Of Natural Beauty-Be Beautiful,Be Natural”, so we are on a mission to encourage people to grow their relationship with nature to make them believe in the Natural Beauty they can get from their Land’s treasures.

Social Responsibility

This is a truly Natural Product that enhances the belief in the power of natural beauty, and we can recognize our impact on the social awareness about the Natural, simply safe and simply available advantages of Nature that are environment friendly and chemicals free long a way from harmful, environmentally dangerous and health perilous products.
At Nablus Soap, we’re dedicated to meeting our sustainable development objectives by having a positive impact on the communities around our markets. To help achieve this goal, we’ve joined forces with Global Organic societies like ECOCERT, and FairTrade, which helps producers in the developing world to earn a reasonable wage.

Ancient Recipe Natural Soap

More than 400 years’ know-how of making soap from 100% natural ingredients!
Nablus Soap is made with the necessary know-how coming from the ancient formula. The Tbeleh family, the driving force behind Nablus Soap, has become a legend in the West Bank. With a reputation more than 400 years old, the family guarantees natural soaps of very high quality.

Olive oil as the basis
The products from Nablus Soap are 100% natural, and contain olive oil. Olive oil respects the skin balance, nourishes the skin intensely, and keeps up the moisture content. Into the olive oil various essential ingredients are added, such as honey, milk, mud from the Dead Sea, or dried herbs fresh from the Medina. All these ingredients have a therapeutic effect.