Dead Sea Mud

Exfoliating soap for oily & problem skin
Gives the skin strength, flexibility, and purity. Helps to get rid of black heads and acne.

It is a natural gift from God. It contains rare salts and with a unique concentration.

Its utilities:

  • It purifies the skin.
  • It cleans it through removal of extra fats.
  • Brings back its natural color after sun exposure.
  • Removes the acnes traces through consistency.
  • Gives a natural blush for the face through removing dead cells.
  • Natural whitening.
  • Tight the face from the first time.

‎‏‏Dead Sea Mud Soap: it is uniquely composed of olive oil added to a mixture of the treated Dead Sea Mud. It gives clear softness when used while the Dead Sea Mud gives the skin strength, flexibility and purity.

Method of usage: wet your face… distribute soap on them, rub the face for three minutes, leave it as it is for another three minutes… wash it with water and dry it.

It purifies (deeply cleans) the skin, as it helps in getting rid of the fat in the pores, and the accumulated dirt in them. It also helps in getting rid of blackheads and face acnes. It is very suitable for the fatty skin and treating youth acnes.