Anti-Oxidant soap all skin types

It is now spread what is known as the fashion in the world of skin care, cosmetics, which is the insertion of pomegranate as a main ingredient in these products.

Studies showed that pomegranate has strong anti oxidation features that renew the cells in the two most important strata (layers) of skin: epidermis and the dermis. It is also rich in potassium and vitamin C. It resists aging and reduces the wrinkles of the skin.

These features are not only useful for health in terms of eating pomegranate as a fruit or by inserting it in food recipes. These are also features that are useful if inserted in modern skin care products (cosmetics).

The aesthetic utility of pomegranate can be achieved by the use of the moistening soap that contains pomegranate as an ingredient. It also unifies the color of the skin, gives it glamour, purity and protects it from wrinkles.